TCW Travelling to Brussels and Luxembourg – 5 and 6 February 2014

Heinrich Riehl, Senior Portfolio Specialist with TCW, will be joining Longchamp’s teams for a 2-day roadshow in Brussels (5 February) and Luxembourg (6 February) to present the MS TCW Unconstrained Plus Bond Fund which launched on the Morgan Stanley UCITS Platform back in September 2013.

The Fund was up +1.7% YTD in 2013 and is set to a very solid path for the first quarter of 2014.

TCW will will discuss their views on the macroeconomic outlook, including the ongoing impact of the Federal Reserve’s taper of its quantitative easing programs and offer insights on where investors can still find opportunities in the global fixed income markets.

Please fill in the box if you would like to enquire about meeting opportunities on those days.

The Unconstrained strategy employs a flexible approach that allocates investments across a range of global investment opportunities and actively manages exposure to interest rates, credit sectors and currencies. Our philosophy applies a long-term value discipline emphasizing fundamental bottom-up research. The most important facet of the investment team’s portfolio construction process is the application of independent, bottom up research to identify securities that are undervalued and that offer a superior risk/return profile.

TCW offers institutional and individual investors a wide array of U.S. Equity, U.S. Fixed Income, Alternative and International strategies. Since the founding of the firm nearly 40 years ago, we continue to believe in the value of fundamental research, remaining true to our investment styles and offering superior customer service.