Longchamp Kinzica Fund


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Strategy Overview

The Investment objective of the Fund is to generate a variable annual income to be distributed through a flexible approach.

To achieve its objective, the Fund will tend to invest 100% of its assets in long dated Italian Government Bonds (BTPs) and will swap the BTP performance against a variety of profiles including strategies based on Equities, Rates, FX, Credit, Funds.

Swap will be entered with primary financial institutions in open architecture. They will provide exposure to various underlyings:

  • Linear exposure (delta 1)
  • Structured payoffs (synthetic structured product)

In its initial allocation, the Fund will enter into a swap to get exposure to an tier-1 investment bank’s “Put Writing Strategy”.

The returns will be distributed at least once a year.

The allocation will vary over time according to the opportunity set identified by the Management Team.

Funds Facts

Legal Structure:

Fonds Commun de Placement (« FCP ») ; AIF (« Fonds Professionnel Specialise »)

Umbrella Fund:


Fund Manager:

Longchamp Asset Management SAS


Approved in France

Base Currency:



Weekly (every Friday that is a Business Day)

Dealing Deadline (Subscription):

3:00 pm (Paris Time) 2 BDs before the relevant Dealing Day

Dealing Deadline (Redemption):

3:00 pm (Paris Time) 2 BDs before the relevant Dealing Day

Settlement Date (Subscription):

Within 2 BDs after the relevant Dealing Day

Settlement Date (Redemption):

Within 2 BDs after the relevant Dealing Day

Share I | FR0013264090

Performance as of 2024-06-07


970,10 €









Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.


  • The Fund’s investment strategy has no relevant benchmark index. Investors may however compare the Fund’s performance to EONIA (Euro OverNight Index Average) is the reference rate for overnight deposits in the Eurozone interbank market. The EONIA rate is computed by the European Central Bank using data provided by a panel of banks.

Key Professionals

David Armstrong

President – Managing Director

David is Chief Executive Officer at Longchamp Asset Management, which he founded in 2013. Previously, he was a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc, heading the investment bank’s Funds and Fund Linked business globally. In particular, he was in charge of the FundLogic UCITS Platform and served as President of the French asset management company, FundLogic SAS. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, David had spent fourteen years within the Global Equity and Derivatives Solutions division at Société Générale. After joining the group in Paris, David moved to Milan to head the global capital markets operations including all Equity and Fixed Income activities. He also chaired the Italian alternative asset management company, Lyxor SGR. Thereafter, he moved to New York to head up Structured Products Sales for the Americas. David holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from EDHEC, Lille, France.


Investor profil
Mgmt Fee
Perf Fee

Dedicated Share Class *


Risk Profile

Fund’s assets will mainly be invested in financial securities selected by the Investment Management Company. These securities are subject to market conditions and fluctuations.

The Fund is classified as a AIF (“Fonds Professionel Specialise”).

Holders of shares or units of the Fund will be exposed to the following risks:

  • Risk of capital loss
  • Risk associated with the use of derivative instruments
  • Interest rate risk
  • Credit risk
  • Counterparty risk
  • Concentration risk
  • Risk of using leverage
  • Risk of securities lending
  • Liquidity risk