Dalton Investments Travelling to Milan and Paris – 29 through 31 January 2014

James Rosenwald, Portfolio Manager of the MS Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund, will be meeting with investors in Milan (29 and 30 January) and in Paris (31 January).

The Fund recorded very strong performance for the start of the year (+5.6% as of mid-January) after locking solid numbers for the second half of 2013. Its assets under management recently reached the USD 50M level as the Fund celebrated its half-year anniversary.

Please fill in the box if you have interest in hearing from them and we will arrange for a meeting.

Dalton was established by James Rosenwald and is recognised authority in Pacific Rim investing, with over 30 years of investment experience. It currently has over $1.2bn in assets under management within Asia.

Dalton has an exceptional strength in the Asian markets through their experienced, multi-cultural, on the-ground investment team gives them an edge in alpha generation. The strategy emphasizes value investments: investing with long-term, discliplined, rigorous bottom-up analysis.