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As part of the Grenelle II law, as detailed in the Decree dated 30 January 2012 and relating to the information to be provided in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, asset management companies are required to specify how these are taken into account in their investment policy. Longchamp Asset Management does not use those criteria to manage its funds. Longchamp Asset Management has not published a detailed report in accordance with the Article 173 of the Energy Transition Law.

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Position of the Longchamp Asset Management on taking ESG principles and sustainability criteria into account

Investment management companies managing UCITS funds or certain AIFs governed by French law must publish information on how the criteria relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives are taken into account in their investment and risk management policies.

The choice of “doing” or “not doing” is the responsibility of the investment management company, in other words, of its strategy with regard to the integration of ESG criteria into its investment and risk management policies (if applicable), and its organization (means, process, etc.).

In addition, Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of 27 November 2019, relating to the publication of information on sustainability in the financial services sector (known as the “SFDR Regulation”), established harmonized and transparency rules with regard to the consideration of criteria in terms of sustainability.

In addition, the SFDR Regulation defines two categories of products: products which promote, among other characteristics, environmental or social characteristics, or a combination of these characteristics (so-called “Article 8” products) and products which have the objective of sustainable investment (so-called “Article 9” products).

In accordance with these Regulations, Longchamp Asset Management is required to present the way in which the sustainability risks are integrated into the investment decision and the results of the assessment of the likely impact of the sustainability risks on the returns on financial products.

French UCITS funds and AIFs (excluding FPS) managed by the Investment Management Company are considered to fall within the scope of article 6 of the SFDR Regulation, unless otherwise indicated in the investment policy of a specific UCI.

Indeed, they do not promote sustainability factors, in particular ESG (environmental, social or governance quality) and do not maximize the portfolio’s alignment with these factors.

Longchamp Asset Management has chosen not to take sustainability criteria into account in its investment strategy, as they are not considered relevant. Likewise, these sustainability criteria are not integrated into risk monitoring.

As of the date of this document, Longchamp Asset Management continues to examine and consider its obligations with regard to taking into account the main negative impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors as defined in article 4. of the SFDR Regulation.

Longchamp Asset Management will adapt its policy to the reading of future level 2 regulatory technical standards (known as “RTS”) relating to the SFDR Regulation.

In the event that the Management Company decides to modify this position; this information would then be updated accordingly.

This position applies to all UCIs managed and management under mandate.

Lognchamp Asset Management and the UCIs it manages have not adhered to any charter, code, initiative or label relating to the consideration of ESG criteria.