Multi-Family Office

Longchamp AM offers and manages tailor-made solutions for families in an open architecture, giving them access to both “Longchamp” content and excellent content from all the major players in management. Our service consists in simplifying the design of a patrimonial architecture as much as possible with the best service providers and then deploying a personalized financial management.

Building Long-Term Partnership

  • Partnerships define how we intend to work with our clients: we dedicate the appropriate time to listening and understanding your goals before setting-up the appropriate wealth organization
  • We partner with you to grow and control your wealth while protecting it for future generations. We are unbiased in selecting investment opportunities
  • We carefully select best-in-class service providers to ensure the security of your assets, as well as operational and cost efficiency
  • We believe in alignment of interest with our clients and offer Portfolio Management services in line with our own investments and convictions

A Unique Approach

Longchamp AM offers tailor-made portfolio management solutions, guided by investors’ objectives of protecting, developing and transmitting their wealth.

  • Investment Banking background of its founder and staff: The highly experienced team of Longchamp AM has grown its expertise working in leading financial institutions before creating and joining Longchamp AM.
  • Investment Solution approach, Tailor-Made approach: We want every one of our client to feel unique and build solutions that fits their specific needs. We invest across all types of instruments, keeping a critical eye to offer the best investment opportunities.
  • Fully open architecture approach: Though we have some in-house competencies, we select what we consider the best service providers for every asset class in full independence. We praise to work with the best specialist in every field from Traditional Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Structured Products, Private Equity Funds.
  • Efficiency: We build cost efficient solutions to ensure that our clients only spend the appropriate cost for the service.

Our Partners

Longchamp Wealth Management operates as the “Architects” within a “Family” of Financial Organizations. We collaborate with our partners to conceive a Long Term Investment Infrastructure secured by leading operators. We select partners whith the highest standards of security and quality of service with competitive pricing. Our investors benefit from the safeguarding of our partners to custody their assets while delegating investment decisions to Longchamp AM after agreeing on a set of predefined guidelines reflecting your objectives and sensitivities.

Selected Life Insurance Providers 

Custodian Banks Available for Securities Accounts and Execution