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Founded in 2013, Longchamp AM built its investment management expertise around a long-term investment approach and a philosophy of alignment of interests with its investors. Its managers are personally invested in their funds and thus offer conviction-based portfolio management.

Longchamp AM is approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (01 March 2013: GP – 13000009).

Longchamp AM is a unique investment management company. Through its history and its team, it is at the crossroads of investment management and capital market activities. It combines independence, agility, and an experienced team, with specialists from the world of asset management as well as financial engineering and investment banking.

Longchamp AM sets itself up both as a content creator but also as a financial engineering company which likes to develop solutions dedicated to solving specific, complex issues.

year of creation
Billion Euros AUMs


Longchamp Funds

Third Party Managers

Tailor Made Solutions

  • Dedicated Funds or “Funds of One” to reach specific needs and objectives
  • Our clients: Investment Banks, Institutional Investors, Foundations, Family Offices
  • Include Wealth Organization Architecture, Asset Liability Management combined with Investment Expertise
  • 6 Live Dedicated Funds

Structured Products

  • Open Architecture with large Investment Banks (BNP, SG, Goldman, Barclays, Credit Suisse, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Citi…)
  • Idea Generation, Product Design, Best Execution
  • Investment Advisory, Counterparty Selection, Legal Review
  • Growing demand from Institutions for Independent Structured Advisory Services

Wealth Management

  • Demanding Family Offices / HNWI clients in terms of service, performance and efficiency
  • Asset engineering services with leading service providers
  • Main Partners : Sogelife, Baloise, AXA, Allianz Lux, Lombard Insurance, Cardif – Société Générale, Pictet


Longchamp AM’s clients are mainly institutional investors, family offices, asset managers and private banks.

These investors turn to Longchamp AM to meet various needs: some invest directly in our open-ended funds, others rely on our structuring expertise to create dedicated funds. We also offer our services to a limited number of families in order to set up a wealth architecture and an asset allocation adapted to their risk and tax profile.


Our philosophy is based on creating value over a long investment cycle while seeking to limit the risk of capital losses.

Entirely owned by its employees, Longchamp AM built its philosophy around key values:


We provide objective and unbiased solutions

Integrity and transparency

In all our investment recommendations, we work to earn and keep our clients’ trust

Long-term relationships

We build stable and long lasting relationships with our clients, partners, and service providers

Alignment of interests

We invest alongside our investors in the products we offer



Our activity centers around 5 complementary poles of activity which are based on the experience of our teams: 


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The Longchamp AM adventure was born in early 2013. When the company was created, the idea was to combine the agility of an entrepreneurial structure with the expertise of a prestigious financial institution. Convinced that regulated alternative management was booming, Longchamp AM entered into a partnership with Morgan Stanley (where its founders came from) to outsource key functions: the selection, seeding and distribution of new investment programs. Longchamp AM thus initiated its development in the “Alternative UCITS” market.

Since 2014, following our AMF authorization, we began to fully manage assets. In September of that year, we launched our first fund, the Longchamp Patrimoine Fund, a diversified fund of funds that draws on Longchamp AM’s original expertise, regulated alternative investment management.

In March 2020, this fund received the award for “Best Performing Fund over a 5 year period” in the Fund of Funds category by the prestigious and recognized Hedge Fund Journal  

Longchamp AM also received the “Jeune Entreprise Innovante” (JEI) label from the French administration for its research efforts aiming at focusing on the design of innovative strategies. We received the label in October 2015 and hired a doctor in economics and a doctoral student to strengthen our research capacities and publish various articles seeking to analyze the impact of regulations on portfolio management techniques and research on crisis detection signals.

Subsequently, Longchamp AM expanded its asset management team by adding new skills.

In 2019, we launched the Longchamp Autocall Fund, a strategy that relies on a unique expertise embodied by a team specialized in structured products.

With the arrival of Jean Fau, senior portfolio manager with more than 25 years of experience in the financial markets with leading institutions, Longchamp AM expands its internal management expertise to credit and fixed income. The Longchamp Solferino Credit Fund seeks to generate attractive returns by taking advantage of opportunities in the credit market, particularly in the High Yield segment.

Since its creation, Longchamp AM has worked alongside Dalton Investments (“Dalton”) by supporting their efforts with European investors to promote Asian equity strategies, in particular the Lafayette Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund, a Long / Short fund. In 2018, we strengthened our partnership with Dalton with the launch of the Longchamp Dalton Japan Long Only UCITS Fund, a Long Only strategy on Japanese equities. This collaboration also gave birth in early 2020 to a third fund: the Longchamp Dalton India UCITS Fund, allowing investors to gain exposure to a growing region. We recently complemented our range of Dalton funds with the Longchamp Dalton Global Emerging Markets UCITS Fund, a Long Only strategy on emerging markets equities.

The last years have also been marked by the launch of various dedicated funds which are part of our tailor-made solutions service. Indeed, beyond our products, our customer approach leads us to enrich our offer where there is no internal expertise. We then compose portfolios that combine both our expertise and the best funds that we can identify.