Dalton Investments Travelling to Europe – Week of 7 April 2014

Tony Hsu, Senior MD and Portfolio Manager for Asian Equities at Dalton Investments, and Mary Kaczmarek, MD Client Relationships, will be joining us for a week of meetings across Europe on week of 07 April. They will discuss the MS Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund’s current positioning (net exposure historically low at 11% at the end of January) and where they are finding the best deep-value opportunities within the Pacific Rim region.

Cities visited will include:

  • London: on Monday 07 April
  • Brussels: on Tuesday 08 April
  • Luxembourg: on Wednesday 09 April
  • Geneva: on Thursday 10 April
  • Zurich: on Friday 11 April

Please fill in the box if you have interest in hearing from them and we will arrange for a meeting.

Dalton was established by James Rosenwald and is recognised authority in Pacific Rim investing, with over 30 years of investment experience. It currently has over $1.2bn in assets under management within Asia.

Dalton has an exceptional strength in the Asian markets through their experienced, multi-cultural, on the-ground investment team gives them an edge in alpha generation. The strategy emphasizes value investments: investing with long-term, discliplined, rigorous bottom-up analysis.