Longchamp AM

Merger Notice

Under the terms of a private agreement dated May 15, 2024 :

SANSO INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS, the Absorbing Company, a simplified joint stock company with capital of 563,673 euros, headquartered at 69, boulevard Malesherbes – 75008 PARIS, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 535 108 369,


LONGCHAMP ASSET MANAGEMENT, Absorbed Company, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of 577,500 euros, headquartered at 30, rue Galilée – 75116 PARIS, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 789 823 374,

Have drawn up a draft simplified merger agreement, subject to the legal rules governing mergers, in accordance with articles L 236-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code.

Assets transferred: 6,180,707 euros – Liabilities transferred: 4,683,339 euros, i.e. net assets transferred of 1,497,368 euros.

Merger consideration: as the Absorbing Company and the Absorbed Company are both 100%-owned subsidiaries of SANSO LONGCHAMP HOLDING, in accordance with Article L 236-3 of the French Commercial Code, no shares will be exchanged or new shares created by way of a capital increase by the Absorbing Company.

Draft treaty date: May 15, 2024.

Creditors of the companies involved in the merger, whose claims arose prior to the date of publication of this notice on the websites of the two companies, may lodge an objection to the transaction in accordance with the conditions and time limits set out in article L 236-15 of the French Commercial Code.

In accordance with the provisions of article L 236-6 of the French Commercial Code, two copies of the draft merger agreement were filed with the clerk of the Paris Commercial Court on May 21, 2024, as SANSO INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS and LONGCHAMP ASSET MANAGEMENT are subject to the same jurisdiction.

For notice

The President of SANSO INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS, Absorbing Company

The President of LONGCHAMP ASSET MANAGEMENT, Absorbed Company