Investment Managers

MetWest LLC (TCW Group)

Founded in 1971 and based in Los Angeles, Trust Company of the West (TCW) manages a broad range of innovative, value-added investment products that strive to enhance and protect clients’ wealth.
In early 2010, TCW completed its acquisition of Metropolitan West Asset Management, LLC (MetWest), a highly-ranked fixed income asset manager. As a result, key employees of MetWest assumed primary responsibility for the oversight of TCW’s fixed income mandates.

As of 30 June 2018, TCW managed $198bn, including $177bn in Fixed Income assets. TCW has officed in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, London, Hong-Kong and Tokyo and has approximately 631 dedicated personnel supporting the investment management business (including 89 Fixed Income professionals out of which 13 Portfolio Managers, 55 analysts, 13 traders and 8 Portfolio Specialists) providing in-depth understanding of the markets.

The MS TCW Unconstrained Plus Bond Fund, offering exposure to the TCW Unconstrained Plus strategy, is included in Longchamp Asset Management’s product offering.

Dalton Investments

Dalton Investments, registered as an LLC in the state of California in 1999, is the corporate vehicle for the investment management business of three partners: Steve Persky, James Rosenwald and Gifford Combs. Prior to the establishment of the firm, the three partners had informally worked and invested together from 1981 through 1998 and have known each other on a personal level for many years.

The decision to form Dalton Investments was primarily driven by the investment opportunities the founders believed existed as a result of the Asian crisis in 1998. In October 1998, Mr. Rosenwald, who was managing a Japanese equity portfolio for a large US pension account, seeded Mr. Combs to manage the Pacific and General Investments fund. This fund was structured as a global long/short equity fund but at the time, was almost entirely invested in Asian equities. In November 1998, Mr. Rosenwald was approached by a listed NYSE corporation to manage an Asian distressed debt portfolio. Mr. Rosenwald recruited Mr. Persky, who had significant experience in Asia and in distressed investing, to manage the account.

As of 30 June 2018, Dalton managed approximately $3.8bn, including over $3.3bn in Asian Equities. Dalton is headquartered in Los Angeles with a subsidiary in Tokyo and an affiliate office in Redondo Beach, CA. Dalton’s Asian team is comprised of James Rosenwald and 15 other analysts, some of which based on the ground.

The MS Dalton Asia Pacific UCITS Fund, offering exposure to the Dalton Asia strategy, is included in Longchamp Asset Management’s product offering.

Lynx Asset Management

Lynx Asset Management AB (“Lynx”) was founded in 1999 by Jonas Bengtsson, Svante Bergström and Martin Sandquist. From their office in the heart of Stockholm’s financial district, Lynx manages several strategies including the Lynx programme, a fully-diversified managed futures strategy. In 2002, Lynx joined Brummer & Partners, the Scandinavia’s leading hedge fund company, which acquired a 40% stake.

As of 30 June 2018, Lynx manages approximately $5.1 billion of assets and has 74 employees (including 35 investment professionals, 22 researchers and 12 programmers).

The Lynx UCITS Fund, offering exposure to the Lynx Programme, is included in Longchamp Asset Management’s product offering.

Ascend Capital

Ascend was founded in 1999 by Malcolm Fairbairn who has 24 years experience as a Long/Short portfolio manager, delivering positive net returns in 21 of the 24 years.

As of 30 June 2018, Ascend manages approximately $2 billion of assets and has 20 investment professionals (32 employees in total).

The MS Ascend UCITS Fund, offering exposure to the Ascend strategy, is included in Longchamp Asset Management’s product offering.

P. Schoenfeld Asset Management (“PSAM”) was founded in 1997 by Peter Schoenfeld who has over 30 years of experience managing global event driven portfolios. PSAM has offices in New York and London and has a long tenured and highly skilled team which has managed money through multiple market cycles. PSAM’s focus is on global event driven investments composed of both equity and credit instruments.

PSAM’s international expertise uniquely positions itself to be able to achieve attractive absolute returns by investing in international consolidations, corporate restructurings, spin-offs and bankruptcies.

As of 1 July 2018, PSAM managed $2.2bn of assets. The firm has 45 employees, including 22 investment professionals of which 4 Portfolio Managers and 1 Deputy Portfolio Manager.

The MS PSAM Global Event UCITS Fund, offering exposure to the PSAM World Arb strategy, is included in Longchamp Asset Management’s product offering.

Informed Portfolio Management AB (“IPM”) was founded in 1998 with the purpose of assisting institutional investors improve their overall investment returns derived from a traditional 60% Bond / 40% Equity portfolio. To reach that goal, the aim was to apply a new approach to asset allocation through evaluating the stage of the economic cycle in a systematic manner. The investment approach had its roots in the concept of Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA), pioneered by asset managers in the US, which inspired the founders of IPM to venture into a promising area they were convinced would help pension funds in Europe to achieve more consistent investment results. The founders of IPM, Jonas Rinné and Anders Lindell, had a background with the then leading Swedish fixed income house JP Bank as head of trading and economist.

As of 29 June 2018, IPM managed $8.7bn of assets. The team has 58 employees of which half are involved in research and investments.

The IPM Systematic Macro UCITS Fund, offering exposure to the IPM Systematic Global Macro strategy, is included in Longchamp Asset Management’s product offering.