IPM Systematic Macro UCITS Fund (3)

The IPM Systematic Macro UCITS Fund (the “Fund”) offers access to IPM’s Systematic Macro Strategy (which objective is to generate consistent positive returns) in a UCITS-compliant format with daily liquidity. The strategy is based on IPM’s proprietary investment models that provide unique insights into how fundamental drivers interact with the dynamics of asset price returns.

Informed Portfolio Management AB (“IPM” which manages approximatively $8.7bn of assets as of 29 December 2017) is based in Sweden, and was founded in 1998 with the purpose of assisting institutional investors improve their overall returns derived from a traditional 60% Bond / 40% Equity portfolio. IPM currently employs 57 employees of which half are involved in research and investments.

IPM Systematic Macro Fund Strategy Overview

  • Systematic global macro implemented through 5 different portfolios (grouped in 4 relative value portfolios and 1 directional)
  • Non market price dependent strategy using predominantly fundamental information
  • Highly diversified investment universe of 40+ single instruments spaning across currencies (developed and emerging), government bonds and equity markets
  • Expected return of each instrument traded is evaluated across four investment dimensions and their underlying specific investment ideas (circa 50), each being evaluated independently


  • Systematic global macro (non-market price dependent) using predominantly fundamental information
  • Based on a forward-looking investment approach based solely on fundamental input that provide unique insights into how fundamental drivers interact with the dynamics of asset price returns

  • Highly diversified investment universe of 40+ single instruments 
    • Currencies (developped and emerging markets)
    • Government bonds
    • Equity markets
  • Relative Value (Currencies, Relative Bonds and Relative Equities portfolios for 85% of the strategic risk): Each instrument is evaluated relative to a composite of the portfolio constituents rather than in absolute terms

  • Directional (Asset Class portfolio for 15% of the strategic risk): Each instrucment is evaluated on an absolute basis with the objective of capturing the overall direction of equity and bond markets

  • Risk allocation of the 5 portfolios is fixed strategically, but the allocation over time is proportional to perceived opportunities

Key Personnel

Anders Lindell
Chairman of the Board & Founding Partner
Anders Lindell bears the overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the firm, chairs the Investment Management and Risk Management Committees. Since co-founding IPM in 1998 he has held several senior positions at the firm, most recently CEO. Prior to establishing IPM, Anders worked at the Fixed Income Trading division at JP Bank, a then leading Swedish Fixed Income trading house. Anders holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University and a M.Sc. in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Stefan Nydahl
Chief Executive Officer
Stefan Nydahl is responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm. Prior to joining IPM in 2015 Stefan spent 9 years with the Brummer Group, first as a portfolio manager at the Nektar fund, then in 2006 as a founding partner of Archipel Asset Management where he held the combined position as Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer until 2015. Previously he has held positions as portfolio manager at AMF Pension and Quantal Asset Management and as a research associate at Quantal International and economist at Sveriges Riksbank. He holds a PhD in economics from Uppsala University.

Björn Österberg
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer & Head of Research
Björn Österberg is responsible for the management and development of IPM’s investment activities. He is a member of the Investment and Risk Management committees. Björn joined IPM in 2008, with extensive experience in managing quantitative research teams as well as in proprietary trading in a range of asset classes. Prior to IPM he was Head of Quantitative Research and a member of the proprietary trading team at JP Bank, Head of Quantitative Research at Unibank/Nordea, and a Senior Equity Portfolio Manager at AP4. Björn holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and has several years of additional studies in both Financial Economics and Macro Economics from Stockholm University.


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Fund Facts

Legal Structure: UCITS Irish OEIC

Umbrella Fund: FundLogic Alternatives PLC

Fund Manager: IPM

Passporting: Approved in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, U.K., France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Singapore, Swizterland, FInland and Luxembourg

Base Currency: USD

Other Currency Share Classes: EUR, GBP, CHF, SEK

Liquidity: Daily

Dealing Deadline (Subscription): 12 midday Irish time 2 Business Days prior to the relevant Dealing Day

Dealing Deadline (Redemption): 12 midday Irish time 2 Business Days prior to the relevant Dealing Day

Settlement Date (Subscription): 12 midday Irish time 2 Business Days after the relevant Dealing Day

Settlement Date (Redemption): 5 Business Days after the relevant Dealing Day

Fund Share Class Details

ISIN Code BBG Code Inception Mgmt Fee Perf Fee TER KIID Link
IPM Systematic Macro UCITS Fund (3) (Exposure to the IPM Systematic Macro Strategy )
Management M USD IE00BX907990 MSIPMMU ID 12.08.2015 N.A. N.A. N.A. KIID
Early Bird B USD IE00BX907776 MSIPMBU ID 29.09.2015 1.00% 15% 1.40% KIID
Early Bird B EUR IE00BX906X64 MSIPMBE ID 10.09.2015 1.00% 15% 1.40% KIID
Institutional* I USD IE00BX907552 MSIPMIU ID 28.09.2015 1.50% 20% 1.90% KIID
Institutional I EUR IE00BX906V41 MSIPMIE ID 30.10.2015 1.50% 20% 1.90% KIID
Private Wealth Mgmt P GBP IE00BX907115 MSIPMPG ID 27.05.2016 1.50% 20% 1.90% KIID
Retail A USD IE00BX907446 MSIPMAU ID 30.03.2016 2.00% 20% 2.40% KIID
Retail A EUR IE00BX906T29 MSIPMAE ID 22.03.2016 2.00% 20% 2.40% KIID


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