Longchamp Treasury Fund

Investment Objectives 

The Longchamp Treasury Fund's (the "Fund") investment objective is to achieve  a performance net of fees higher than that of its benchmark, EONIA (Euro Overnight Index Average) over an investment horizon of 1 month minimum. 

To achieve its objective, the Fund implements an Asset Swap for 100% of the Fund's net assets where a basket of international stocks listed in the Euro area is traded against an exposure to money market returns in the euro area (EONIA plus a spread adjustable depending on market and liquidity conditions). The Fund may also use efficient portfolio management techniques and trade asset swaps and / or collateralised loan asset operations involving a maximum of 100% of the Fund's net assets.

As part of its investment strategy, the Fund invests in a basket of assets (consisting in particular of international equities listed in the euro area) that are used as counterparty to swaps. The swap structure allows the Fund to benefit from returns that are expected to exceed its benchmark. This excess performance is made possible through the counterparty's incentive to offload a basket of equities in exchange for a return based on Euro area money market rates.

The Fund is now listed on Euronext Fund Service Paris.


EONIA (Euro Overnight Index Average): Defined as the Euro area money market benchmark. It is calculated as a weighted average of interbank transactions of a panel of Euro area banks. It is available on Bloomberg under "EONIA Index".

Recommended Investment Timeframe 

Minimum 32 days. Investors' attention is drawn to the fact that this investment is suitable for investors with visibility on their liquidity needs for more than a month. If a redemption is placed within a notice of less that 32 days, the investor may be subject to redemption fees.

Risk Profile

Fund’s assets will mainly be invested in financial securities selected by the Investment Management Company. These securities are subject to market conditions and fluctuations. 

The Fund is classified as a “Diversified” UCITS. Holders of shares or units of the Fund will be exposed to the following risks:

  • Risk of capital loss
  • Risk associated with the use of derivative instruments
  • Interest rate risk
  • Credit risk
  • Counterparty risk
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Fund Facts

Legal Structure: Fonds Commun de Placement (« FCP ») UCITS français

Umbrella Fund: N.A.

Fund Manager: Longchamp Asset Management SAS

Passporting: Approved in France

Base Currency: EUR

Other Currency Share Classes: N.A.

Liquidity: Daily (every day that is a business day and where stocks markets are open in France)

Dealing Deadline (Subscription): 11:00 am (Paris Time) on the relevant Dealing Day

Dealing Deadline (Redemption): 11:00 am (Paris Time) on the relevant Dealing Day

Settlement Date (Subscription): Within 2 BDs after the relevant Dealing Day

Settlement Date (Redemption): Within 2 BDs after the relevant Dealing Day

Fund Share Class Details

ISIN Code BBG Code Inception Mgmt Fee Perf Fee TER KIID Link
Longchamp Treasury Fund (Exposure to a Money Market Plus Strategy)
Institutional * I EUR FR0012993533 LONTREA FP 25.04.2016 Max 0.15% N.A. Max 0.15% KIID


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